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Thread: How much..?

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    Question How much..?

    I was wondering approx. how much this cycle would be...(I'm a newb, please be gentle)

    *NOTE* If this is a voilation of the rules, my apologies and please delete this post.

    Test E 300 mgs/wk - 10 wks.

    Deca 200 mgs/wk - 10 wks.

    D-bol 30 mgs/wk - 4 wks.

    BTW, this was taken from the site NOVICE CYCLE #1-3. One thing that confused me is the measurements..shouldn't Test and Deca be measured in mLs instead of mgs? I'm kinda lost..please help.

    Thank you.

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    For the gear alone you are going to spend anywhere from 150-300 depending on how jacked you get from a source. Now I have not even began to include PCT, anti-aromatase's or the ongoing food bill.

    The measurments are right. 300mg/week or it would equal out to 1ML/week if the test was dosed out at 300mg/ml. You would need 1 10ML bottle

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