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    Exclamation Freekin Out Help!!!!!

    Ok, Went To Inj. My SuS 250 About 5min Ago And Everything Is Cool Pull Back Big Air Bubble Inj SuS Pull Out And Huge Blood Squirt About 6in Across The Floor After I Shat My Self I Cleen Up The Mess On The Floor And My Quad
    And Notice That I Went Right Trough A Vein In My Quad Is This Common Or Do I Have Something To Worry About? It Kinda Hurts Around The Area....
    Thanks In Advance

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    This has happened to me before. You should be just fine. You will probably have a nice multi colored bruise for a week or so.

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    I've done 2 quad shots so far in my cycle and both went smooth. This is cool and i've heard it happen. Try to aim more for the outer sweep of yur quds (were the muscle is most thicvkest when u tense..but don't tense when u inject just tense to find out where the muscle is most thickest). This area tends to have the lest amount of veins.


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    your okay. by the time i am looking at this thread you should be laughing it off as a mistake and deciding not to do quads no more

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