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    Dbol at end of cycle?

    wk 1-4 leoffer 50mg Dbol under dosed to @35mg
    wk 1-12 400mg QV Deca
    wk 1-13 500mg QV Test E
    wk 1-13 letro eod

    Hello everyone! I wanted to throw this question out there to see what people think. I was going to run Winny the last 4 weeks of this cycle but my source could not deliver for me Now I was thinking of useing the IP 50mg dbols that I had laying around. This is my first cycle and I just started my 10th week today. I am useing HCG , Clomid, and Nolv for pct and have it planned out and ready. Is there any positives in useing the dbols at the end of a cycle or should I just save them for the beginning of my future cycle?

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    i'd save 'em personally...they're really not a closer IMO, good kickstarter...maybe some var or somethin', or pm me...


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    It is said that Dianabol can work as an effective bridge--used ONCE in the AM at a dose of 5mgs. I however do not bridge, so I can not advocate such a method.

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    hey bro i did what you said i couldnt get any winny so i took 30mg dbol & started the pct the next day it was great.

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