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    First Time Cycle... Need Help!!!

    New to the site... Looking to gain some quick muscle mass. I am thinking about taking a 4-week cycle w/ D-Bol & Test Prop or Deca & Test Prob., either or, to get me started. Does anyone agree or disagree w/ this combo? Feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


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    no bro i disagree get educated first on roids & how to do your first cycle 4wks wont do anything research your first cycle & you need just testosterone for first cycle but get your diet in check too because roids wont do the magic & remember what comes quick goes quick.

    good luck,

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    We need alot more info if you want help. What are your stats, experience, age, ect.....

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    yeah K.C., i am on my 2nd cycle and i learned quite a bit from the guys here. I found out that is way more to it than knowing the names of gear and what are they are suppose to be used for. More knowledge leads to a better AAS cycle. IMO

    Good Luck!
    Quick FYI, i learned here that it is better for newbees to begin with a simple cycle of Test. Test Cypionate , or Test Enanthate 400mgs per week...pct clomid 2 weeks after last test shot for 4 weeks. Good Luck and happy researching!

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    research it a lil more...a test only first cycle will work wonders for you...make sure u get proper pct also clomid nolva ect....hows your diet lookn also?

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