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Thread: Say... WHAT!

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    Arrow Say... WHAT!

    Hey Guy's...
    I have a question for you......
    When is the best time to take orals, i.e. anavar .
    and what should you down it with..
    I have heard of drinking grapefruit juice with your pills....... and to take them on an empty stomach......
    and I have also heard of taking them with meals.........
    WHAT'S UP ????

    Editing note: I accidentally posted my reply in _Taz_'s original post. I've corrected this, and his message appears as he originally wrote it. - TNT
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    Cool Anavar and Other Pills

    Every medication is different, and each type of pill has different guidelines as to whether to take them in the morning or evening, with or without food (including how many hours before or after a meal, whether to take them with or avoid taking them with specific foods such as milk or grapefruit juice), etc.

    As for Anavar specifically, there is a substantive Anavar FAQ that was posted on A.R. recently. You'll find it here. You can also find specific information on Anavar in the A.R. Drug Profiles under its generic name, oxandrolone, as well as on search engines under its U.S. trade name, Oxandrin. The official web site for Oxandrin, including the full prescribing literature, can be found here.

    By the way, the notion of grapefruit juice making Anavar more effective is anecdotal. For those who take any kind of statin drug for cholesterol reduction (Lipitor, Zocor, Pravachol, etc.), grapefruit juice should be avoided at all times.
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