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    sust 250 question

    was wondering whether 500mg a week of sust was good or should i cut it up to 250 twice a week and also if butt was best place to inject, thanks

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    Run it at least EOD............ but 500mg of SUS is fine. If you're looking for less injection then run cyp or enan.

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    Bro, 500mg wk is cool but you need to shoot every other day w/sust.also alternate injection sites-delt's, glute's,quad's,ect.

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    Personally, I only inject it twice a week and had zero problems. Most people will tell you to inject it every other day to get the most out of the 30mg prop, but I know MANY people including myself who just inject twice a week and get great results. I particularly like sust b/c it builds up slower than enanthate or cyp which keeps gyno out of the question for me, and may be why I didn't bloat at all this last cycle. I ran it at 500mgs/week. Whatever you decide, good luck, but sust is def my favorite test...

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