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    Recommendations ????

    Hi guys

    I am about to start my first cycle in 3 years and am trying to reduce the risk of gyno as much as possible. I am going to run with deca at around 400mg a week to start with, but what do you suggest I stack it with that is a low androgenic and how much??? I don't want to make the same mistakes as before !!!

    Please help ???

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    dpending on what you are lookng for I would use Primo depot, Equipoise , anavar , you could even finish it off whith some trenbolone or winny.

    The deca is a good choice to though, but the equipoise does pretty much the same thing, but doesnt aromatize or stay in your system as long.

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    Well by suggesting that you want to run just deca you are making a mistake. Deca will shut you down hard core !! You need to run a Test with it and given that it is your first cycle in 3 years you should use a long ester test. Also do not run Trenbolone like theshiz777 suggested it is very harsh and for advanced users only ur body can't handle it if this is ur first cycle in 3 years. Go with some dbol to jump start the cycle and than run a Test. Deca can be used but I don't think is needed save it for next cycle. If u r going to use it though make sure u run the test 2 weeks longer than the deca.

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    if you want to be the best, run test
    deca only= bad news

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    test alone is good stuff.

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    If you're gyno prone I would make sure you've got some ldex and nolva on hand to prevent gyno during cycle. If you feel the need to run deca please run B6 at 200mg throughout the cycle and PCT. Also, you might want to try front end loading you cycle with some test prop. 75mg ed begining the last week of you test enth, and run it for 3-4 weeks, then begin PCT 3 days after your last prop shot. This will help keep the gains flowing while the test enth leaves your system.

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    if worried about gyno you shouldnt be looking at deca much bro. If you do run it run it with test for sure.

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