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    Advice needed please

    Hi Guys,

    I am doing a short 8 week cycle of the following, my questions are -

    1. With this cycle being only 8 weeks long do I need the Nolvadex , Proviron and PCT? Is it still recommended even on a short cycle.

    2. Also at what stage do I start the Nolvadex and Proviron? ie 2nd week, 1st week etc.

    Thanks in advance guys, your advice is much appreciated.


    Weeks 1 - 6 Turanabol - 50mg Each Day
    Weeks 1 - 8 Testosterone Propionate - 50MG Each Day.

    Weeks ? - ? Nolvadex - 10mg per day
    Weeks ? - ? Proviron - 25mg per day


    Day 1 300mg Clomid
    Day 2-11 150mg Clomid
    Day 12-31 50mg Clomid

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    nobody know i dont think for shur. some say ed some say eod some say just have it on hand so for me i just do eod and watch my tit for strange stuff.

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    Yes you will still need pct and your anti-e's. If you are prone to gyno, then I'd run the nolva throughout the entire cycle, if you aren't then I'd just keep it on hand incase you start to develop it. I'd also use the nolva in the pct, the way you are running pct I'd say 40mg day 1, 20mg for the rest.

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