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    Nolvadex and mental state?

    I recently went to the doctors because I wasn't feeling well mentally and told him about the cycle I ran. He advised to stop everything immediatley(which I was already about done so I did). I asked him if I can take Nolvadex for PCT and he said no, it's a prohormone just to take natural things (like Tribulus) to boost test levels back. I am currently taking Tribestan. My question is will Nolvadex affect ones mental state?

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    Dude, he's a medical doctor, which means he learned the medical uses for drugs like nolvadex . Of course he's gonna tell you not to take it b/c it's meant to be taken by female breast cancer patients! You should definetely proceed with proper PCT, b/c if you don't, we all know your next thread will be about reversing gyno! I'm not sure if trib will do the trick on it's own. If you ran a short, low dose cycle then maybe it will do the trick. However, if you ran a "standard" 8-12 week cycle, I would def reccommend nolva and clomid (or hCG ) as part of you post cycle therapy regimen. Good luck!

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    I guarantee there are bothers on this board that know more about AAS that ol doc holiday you went to visit..those guys dont know a whole lot except from the holy grail PDR...go to an hrt clinic or something..

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    trib prob won't do it on it's own...clomid therapy will work, and nolva

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    Unfortunate but true, many doctors know less than most who have been on this board a year or longer when it comes to gear and pct.

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