So I'm coming down the last 2 weeks of a 12 week cycle --
400mg Deca +
400mg Test Cyp for the last 10 weeks
went from 175 @ 12% to 191 @ 8% body fat (as measured yesterday at my gym with calipers by the head trainer)
I went to my doc today to get prescribed HCG because of testicular atrophy during the cycle. I plan to use the with nolvadex and clen for my PCT. My doc said that 1000iu 3x per week for 3 weeks was the most common dosage to treat hypogonadism (as per the PDR) but I was curious what intervals/doseages those of you who have actually used HCG have been successful with and if you felt it significantly helped your PCT. Can I expect a quick recovery when using HCG jumpstart for 3 weeks, Nolva 20mg per day for 30 days after last shot and
Clenbuterol to keep my metabolism and energy levels up ?
Any input would be much appreciated