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    Talking Another Cycle question

    Ok what do u guys think of this cycle?

    week 1-10 250mg/week sustanon
    week 1-10 300mg/week deca
    week 1-4 Dbal tabs
    week 13-16 clomid
    week 13-16 nolvex

    There it is. should nolvex be used 10-20 mg ED or not? Thanks

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    Bump your test to 500mg/wk, don't know if everyone feels this way but I like more test than Deca or EQ. Where do you fall experience-wise Doors? And stats are also helpful for others to give an opinion of doses. Nolva keep on hand, run 20 mg/day unless you feel the itch then go up.

    Also, what doses of dbol are you going to run?

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    Like shortie said, we need more info. How old are you? What is your cycle experience? The cycle you have listed there is not a good cycle.

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