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    Talking my cycle and diet

    my stats 6'2'' 216lb im about 13% body fat. my goal is to be about 7% body fat im also trying to gain some muscle. i am currently on a diet i will increase my consumption on the day of my first cycle by double the amount of cals and grams of protein etc.

    workout schedule:
    1 body part a week. i lift 5 days aweek. cardio is done on an empty stomach 6 days a week for one hour.

    my diet:
    monday through saturday
    sunday is cheat day
    7:00am 1 hr cardio
    meal 1= 33grams protein cold cuts, 1/2 cup natural oatmeal

    8:15am to 9:15am weight train
    pwo= 1 cup oatmeal,1cup brown rice, protein shake with glutamine.

    1/4 chicken,1 cup of steamed veggies

    1/4 chicken,1 cup of steamed veggies

    protein shake or 1/4 chicken,1 cup of steamed veggies

    any source of protein chicken,meat,fish, etc.. with veggies

    protein shake

    calories estimated not exact = 2200
    grams protein= 200gr
    carbs= 160gr

    my cycle
    weeks 1-10 test enan 400mg -500mg a week
    weeks 7-12 winny 100mg eod
    weeks 1-15 nolva 10mg ed
    weeks 1-15 l-dex .25mg ed

    pct will start 1 day after last winny inject
    day 1-300mg clomid/20mg nolva/.25mgldex
    day2-30- 100mg clomid/20mgnolva/.25ldex
    day31-37 20mg nolva/.25mgldex

    any info is greatly appreciated thanks for all your support hopefully i gave enough info for you guys to help me on my way and thanks again

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    Hey bro- you have seem to have done your research.. cycle looks good! I would up your food intake a bit more- seems a little low- Even if you are not trying to bulk up more cal/pro will be needed.. Good luck and share you results as you go on your journey!!

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    Nicely done. You should reach your goal.

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    thanks guys really appreciate the info and i definitly will increase pro/cals thanks

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