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    so i injected my prop in my quad on monday and it was sore and which i figured was normal but today its getting real warm and puffy. Lil redness and still real sore. Could it be infected or maybe i didnt hit enough muscle tissue since i was screwed with only a 1" pin?


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    you can get this kind of soreness if you inject to fast, I have done this once myself and come accross a few others who have done the same thing on this board, mine subsided in about four days, Im not saying youre not infected, if you go see your doc he wont shoot you and he is duty bound by confidentiality ethics not to blab about your roid use.

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    it happen to me and it took 5 days for the redness and warm to stop! but the swelling will about 10 days. and if its infected i think you will notice fast skin change color and the paind goes worst and worst.keep a eye on it.

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    When you shot for iniection....for all iniection only 1 method is right:
    slow....slow and again slow!!!
    only if you shot slow...the liquid iniect can be iniect don't fast...assicure a good iniecton.

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