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Thread: Next Cycle

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    Next Cycle

    Last cycle I got very good gains with

    Weeks 1-20 - 100mg Test Suspension ED (Univet Unitest Suspension)
    Weeks 1-4 - Dianabol 40mg ED
    Weeks 16-20 - 75-150mg Anadrol ED (75mg Oximetalon from Denkall)

    I got strong, lost bodyfat and gained a ton of muscle.

    Since I compete in strongman, which requires not only strength but speed and stamina, I was thinking of this for the next cycle.

    Weeks 1-20 - 750mg Test Enanthate per week
    Weeks 1-20 - 400mg Equipoise per week
    Weeks 1-10 - 75mg of Trenbolone Acetate ED
    Weeks 1-3 - Dianabol, 40mg ED

    I don't want to gain a ton of water and/or fat. I know Dianabol is highly estrogenic and does cause some bloat, I'm basicly using it to kick start the cycle.
    I'm hoping the enhanced red blood cell count from the equipoise will help enhance my stamina and the tren to help give lean gains.

    Any suggestions ?

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    By the way, long cycles because I only plan on being on the gear during the season, train the off season naturally.

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    If you ever run Test Susp again, run it 2x per day. More stable blood levels and better gains.

    The cycle you have layed out looks good. I'd increase the EQ to 600mg/wk as 400mg/wk may not be enough. Also if its your first time running Tren , run it for no more than 8 weeks. As its a fairly anabolic /androgenic compound compared to other AS. Run it for 6 weeks and see how the gains/sides compare and go from there.

    = Just to add. Run Arimidex .5mg/ED to combat any bloat issues. An Anti-Progesterone will also be required to combat progesterone related gyno caused by the Tren. Vit-B6 200mg/ED should suffice.
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    Thanks Swifto, a few more questions.

    Would Arimidex mess up my gains though ? I didn't use any estrogen blockers on my last cycle because I heard it hampers test gains quite severily.

    So would Tren mess up my conditioning ? I heard it can, if that's the case I will just commit to more cardio and running during my time on it ...

    What progesterone blocker do you recommend ?

    Whats the Vit B6 for ?

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