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Thread: Trap inject??

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    Trap inject??

    I want to know how many of you guys do the trap inject i personally never have and i dont think i ever will but i know some people do and i would like to hear a little about that spot

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    Ive heard of few peeps doing it but it sounds crazy to me!

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    Way too many nerves pass through that area for me to consider injecting traps. Some inject traps regularly and do not attest to having any problems. Difficult for me to reach and too risky for my taste. I'd love to inject lats but again they are difficult for me to reach.

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    consider this . . . your shoulder blades, and therefore your arms, are not attached to your body via bones (except your clavicle, which serves little to no support role). So, your traps and upper mid back hold your arms on (via your scapula's). I wouldn't want to have prop pain in that area and have to carry my arms around all day with completely sore traps. Also, I've found that pain from shots migrates in a day or two (ie from glutes into lower back), and I wouldn't really want steroid pain in my neck either.

    Just MO


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