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Thread: Santa clause

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    Santa clause

    santa clause just dropped off some i think ill use it...this is what i think i will do with this stuff...

    week 1-12 750mgs sus
    week 1-11 deca 400 mgs deca
    nolvedax everday ...
    pct is in hand...he dropped that off too..hes so nice...

    i have been training for 8 have not a clue...i would like to gain some about 20ish pounds on this puppy i am about 215lbs right now...
    do you think this is ok..

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    sounds clean to me! a couple things though:
    why run nolva all through the cycle? keeping sus gains/side effects down?
    you have a PCT schedule seperate from just "nolva everyday" right? you NEED a POST cycle therapy setup.

    good luck... and you WILL make good gains, so hit the gym hard!

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    it's a lil early for santa claus ... dont u think ???

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    santa making his rounds early this year? What kind of cycles u done before? 750mg of sus is alot if its your first time

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