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    Was gonna finish with prop but....

    Well my cycle was layed out as:

    1-4 100mg Prop EoD
    1-14 500mg/week Enan

    3 days after last enan shot taper prop for 4 weeks before PCT

    Well cycle ended up being so far

    1-4 100mg EoD
    1-13 500mg/week Enan (thats when i ran out)

    Now i have about 10ml prop left to do the taper but noticed that in the bottom of the prop bottle is probably 8 peices of tiny bits. Im guessing these are stopper bits. Was gonna start the prop shots today but im guessing that the prop is now garbage. Am i correct in saying so?? Best to end now instead of risking my health by getting one of tehse tiny bits in me. Well guess ill start some HCG then in a couple weeks start PCT. ANy comments thoughts??

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    You could filter the prop and put it into another sterile vial.

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