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Thread: It Kicked in!!!

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    It Kicked in!!!

    Im on my 1st "official" cycle and I have to tell you all it finally kicked it! Im flabergasted on how well this stuff works. I have been paranoid about the authenticity of my gear but I know for sure now its as real as it comes. The pumps are unreal, strength is WAY up...and my arms are up 1/2 inch already...(halfway through week 3 only) So I wanna say thanks to all who helped me with dose cycle and gear questions. Im already planning cycle 2 after my 10 weeks off. .....The Catgrabber

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    welcome to the wonderful world of intensity.

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    yes very cool CatGrabber,......isnt it wonderful to know its real i know you were worried too, luck w/ the rest of your cycle and keep us posted on the results............

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    Same Same good luck CatGrabber I hope to feel that same feeling to when i start my cycle.

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