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    Bulking...loss of definition

    Is it common to have lose muscle definition while bulking? My bf currently around 15%, I've gotten a lot bigger but I feel I have no muscle definition anymore. Is this from only doing compound movements while bulking (no shaping exercises)? Or could this be from the extra bf I've put on due to bulking? I think I'm just getting anxious to start cutting and shaping to see the muscle I've put on but I've still got about 7 weeks left of bulking and a few more months before a cutting cycle.

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    @15% you're not going to be showing much deff unless each individual muscle is well developed

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    also, a lot of it may be water retention.
    i had it. try x-pel. works a treat.

    or some over the counter "water retention" tablets. girls use em at the time of the month, work for some, shit for others.

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    wait it out if you are bulking, then it is probably water. the more water you retain, the better pumps you get at the gym. the water will go away when you finish your cycle.

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