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Thread: help with deca

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    help with deca

    i have a bottle of deca that has been opened and used once about six months ago or maybe a little longer.just wondering if anyone can tell me if this is still safe to use.The exp. date on the bottle is still good,but im not sure how long this stuff is good after opening.thanks for any info.

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    yes i'm sure it's still good.... just make sure you take it with test or else you will not be too happy.... Research before just shooting some deca into yourself... my buddy did that and wasn't too happy with what happened.

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    what ya mean opened?...if ya mean ya pierced the stopper once, still fine...if ya pulled that stopper out and let air in there i would say no...

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    I had some deca for around six months once my buddy came over and opened the lid and sniffed it, but I still used it and it was ok. Although you could run it throgh a whatman.

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