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Thread: pleaSE help

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    pleaSE help

    i recently used a bottle of stan QV 50 over a 6 week period and i was impressed with the results but a few months later i realized my body slipped back to old since i didnt keep it up

    i now have purchased a a bottle of enantat 250 and another bottle of stan qv 50

    as long as i get on a normal workout routine and a high protein/ low fat/ reg carbs diet will i be able to take both of these together? (stan and enantat)

    my height is 5'8 and weight 170, whats the dosage i should take and how often?

    my first time thru i took 1cc every other day for almost 6 weeks and like i said I loved the results.........i actually gained muscle and got much leaner

    Im trying to get that muscle gain back and get leaner but this time I will mantain

    I need some educated advice?

    thanx in adavnce

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    do some research and educate urself ... AAS are not miracle drugs .... u cant just take them once and then never take them again ... use the search button .. all the answers are out there

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    1-12 Test E @ 500mg EW twice weekly injections
    10-14 Winstrol @ 50mg ED
    15-18 Clomid @ 100mg ED
    15-18 Nolvadex @ 20mg ED

    Diet, Training, Rest are the most important elements of a successful cycle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eGGz
    Diet, Training, Rest are the most important elements of a successful cycle.
    and important elements of keeping your gains after your cycle.

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