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    Does injection site increase size in that muscle?

    I have heard some people say that if you inject in your shoulders then your shoulders are more likely to get bigger and likewise for other parts. Do you guys know if there is any truth to this rumor???

    Also is there any injection site that will make the steroid work more effectively?? If so which one??

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    RAMPAGE is offline Junior Member
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    Mar 2002
    i think its b.s personally if it was like that there would be some big ass butt cheeks at the gym...i could be wrong but boy swears by it.

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    i agree with rampage , unless your talking synthol (that stuff needs to go away)....
    i dont think it matters where you inject as long as you go deep in the injections in the bicep ect will cause some swelling... and some say that it increases the size because of this effect, but swelling goes down....

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