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    Aug 2005

    Do not post lab names

    I posted some pics of this lab a while back. I was wondering if anyone has heard or used any of these products??
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    Jan 2006

    *Do not post lab names*

    Did you ever took ur cycle from *Do not post lab names*, i also came across *Do not post lab names* and im trying to find out more about it and results.

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    May 2006
    I have several friends using em for a while now...It seems legit and works for them so far... I will post more info as soon as I find out more.

    I got Enan 250 and Deca 300 yesterday too.

    Starting my cycle soon as I get some syringes

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    O my Friends Be carefull with this Underground Lab, I have friend with balls inside the muscle and one of those has to went to the Hospital because thats F.... *Do not post lab names* hurts a lot, be carefull about this brand, i never used this shit, but After to see that, i really dont recommend this brand, for me is very bad lab.

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    *Decaduraman. Please read the rules. Do not post UGL names on the board.*

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