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    Begginer Questions

    Wudup im 19 and im gonna get my hands on some injection cycles im thinking about stacking it with dbols and working out 5 days a week for a good two hours a day and do my cardiovascular which i was told is good and eat 2 grams of protein for every pound I weigh my friend who is now alot bigger in mass n muscle and used to be very small like me im 6 foot tall 150 lbs and he was to0 n he is now alot bigger if i have a great diet can this happen please help me i would appreciate it

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    ...get your fire extinguisher and flame suit ready...

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    another kid trying to roid up for the wrong reasons. Not educated, completely immature, and definitely will be flamed. This is what is wrong with society right here. .....oh well, atleast it isnt my kid. LOL

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    Your 6ft 150 pouds....... and yeah you will get the h*ll flammed out of you for being 19, lol i know, but listen to the guys on here bro they know what their talking about and they dont want you to get hurt or worse so and good luck and be safe.

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    lets try and help this guy alright. i'm sick of everyone acting like they weren't new to the game once.
    listen dude, you don't need steroids to grow yet. get in the gym, start eating like crazy(5000 cals a day), and you'll see strength and mass like you've never experienced. i'm the same age as you and was about the same size when i started lifting. the key is to build a strong base to build on, reach a couple plateaus, then start thinkin about chemical enhancement. If you hop on roids now, it'll just be a quick fix for a couple months, then you'll wither back down to 150lbs, and you'll be pissed. trust me, i've seen it happen a million times to people on my football team. put on 20-30lbs then come back and see us for some advice on your first cycle, you'll be glad you did. good luck man


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