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    prop vs enanthate

    I have done several cycles over about 12 years and had a question. I have always used test enanthate as my test. I would do 500 mg per week and my sex drive would be through the roof at around the 3rd week. Well this is my second time using proprionate at 100 mg eod. My gains are there. I know it is legit stuff. And my sex drive goes up in about 7 days. But the gains aren't as good and my sex drive sucks. I know that enanthate has a much longer half life and the mg's build up alot higher but the prop delivers more test on a 24hr day I thought. Anyway my sex drive went up around day 7 and stayed good for about a week later and now it has gone down down down. Has anybody ever experienced that prop sex drive and gains are not near as good as enanthate? I am more concerned about my sex drive. I am going to get some enathate agains asap!

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    you should up the dose IMO 75mg ED or 150mg EOD. Shot ED try that.

    EDIT: why do i feel like ive read this thread before now..?

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    100 eod isnt enough.. you need 150 eod or better yet with several cycles under your belt 100ed.. good luck.

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    Yeah prop should be taken every day.

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