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    Arrow New cycle need help!!!!

    I just started anavar to stay lean until i start my real cycle in jan and i need help cause ive been doing alot of research and cant decide what i want to take. I just got done with my third cycle 6 months ago i took 1000mgs test ent QV 13wks / btg anavar 25mgs 8wks/ winny 100mg eod 6wks/ nolvdex through out/ and clomid for pct. when i started i was only 185lbs and i got up to 210lbs it was great. So now i cant decide what to take only thing i know im sticking with test ent 1000mgs wk. What should i stack with test? i was thinking about using Tren or Deca , Eq,Winny, Help me out thanks

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    what are your goals? bulk, lean out................

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    prop and tren works great

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    under your bed
    wanna go safe! take some Deca and test cyp, if your trying to bulk stick with tren and test prop! dont forget your PCT and make sure you have a ****en good diet!

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