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Thread: Winstrol PCT

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    Winstrol PCT

    I was wondering if it would be ok to run winstrol past the end of my cycle a little bit into the PCT? I am running 500mg/week sustanon and 400mg/ week EQ. I will only be able to get the winstrol with 2 weeks left in my cycle so would it be ok to start using it with 2 weeks left in that cycle and just continue it for 2-3 more weeks post cycle while i am on clomid?

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    i don't see a problem with running it 2 weeks past the sustanon . it'll take i believe 21 days for the cyp in the sustanon to clear and then you would start clomid. i would not run winstrol into your clomid time period though. i'm going to be trying this next cycle. johan had a thread about this sort of practice about a month and a half back. i believe his reasoning was that winstrol doesn't convert to estrogen allowing estrogen levels to normalize before start of pct. i may be off on that though. johan where you at?

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