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    homemade cyp any1 seen this happen

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    hrmmm...might not have enough BB in it, but since we don't know the recipe that was used to make it, can't say for sure.

    You might be able to just heat it, but I'm no chem expert.

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    Yes,those are my legs
    Quote Originally Posted by bex304
    hey guys i am currently using homemade test cyp 200mg/ml my source gets everything homemade and swears by it. I have just used 4ml from 1 vial so far and i can see at the bottom of the vial little fibre type crystals or something,
    they wearnt there when i picked my gear up, and they have not formed in the vial that i havent used yet.
    has any1 seen this formation in any gear before homemade or not, it looks like maybe the solution is seperating???
    any input on this bros
    It's crashing.You'll need to add some BA and swirl the vial in a pot of hot water.I had this happen to me with Prop,and I was able to bring it back,but the gear hurt like hell to inject.


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