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    What to do? Help?

    OK here is the situation. I have been lifting off and on for about 2 years, but hard the last 5 months. Once I started lifting I saw some good gains for the first 2 weeks, then NOTHING. Absolutely nothing, sure I've gotten a little bigger, by my strength has gone up practically ZERO. I've naturally been skinny, so I went on an intense eating regime, and I gained weight. But I got fatter and my strength didn't go up at all. I look bigger, but it is disappointing not to be able to lift more weight. I use protein powders, have used weight gain powders, creatine, etc. nothing. I am lifting hard also, 6 reps, almost to failure.

    Here is my lifting schedule and eating plan.

    3x6 Flat Bench
    3x6 Incline Bench
    3x6 Decline Bench
    3x6 Flyes

    3x6 Weighted pullups
    3x6 Latpulls
    3x6 Barbell Rows
    3x6 Seated Cable Row

    3x6 Military Press
    3x6 Lateral Raises
    3x6 Seated Bent over dumbell laterals
    3x6 Shoulder Shrugs

    3x6 Hammer Curls
    3x6 Barbell Curls
    3x6 Preacher Curls

    3x6 Closegrip Bench
    3x6 Tricep pull down
    3x6 Skullcrusher

    3x6 Squats
    3x6 Leg Press
    3x6 Weighted Lunges
    3x6 Leg Extensions

    3x6 Seated Calf raises
    3x6 Standing calf raises


    Same as Monday

    Same as Tuesday


    Also, I have tried not lifting the same muscle groups twice a week, and still nothing. This has seen the best results for size, but still NO strength gains.

    HELP ME PLEASE. I'm tired of working my ass off every day in the gym and never being able to put up more weight.

    I think it maybe, just maybe might be my eating. Sometimes I forget to eat for like 6 hours, but for a while I was very diligent and no strength gains. Anyway, here is what my schedule used to look like. Oh, and I drink TONS of water, and don't do too much cardio, plus I gain weight.

    1.5 cups of oatmeal, uncooked with milk
    A banana
    2 scoops of protein powder, approx. 50g protein.

    1 protein bar (30g protein)
    1 apple

    A can of tuna
    4 pieces of bread. (sandwiches)

    2 Naturevalley bars
    1 apple

    2 scoops of protein powder



    2 scoops of weight gainer, approx 1400 calories

    Sleep around 11:00.

    Should I start taking creatine again? Or testorone booster, NO2, etc. I don't really want to take steroids , and I will NOT inject myself with anything. Help me please.

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    1) You are over-training

    2) You are under-eating

    Go to the workout forum and diet forum for help, this is the STEROID forum.


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