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Thread: HCG Necessary?

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    HCG Necessary?

    I am 24 years old. This will be the second cycle that I have done that has included Test and my fourth overall cycle. I used HCG near the end of my last cycle and my recovery transition seemed fine. However, that was the first cycle that was Test based so I am not able to gauge which one (the HCG or the inclusion of the Test) made my recovery transition an easy one.

    I am about to run a cycle of:

    Test E 500 mg/wk 13 weeks
    EQ 400 mg/wk 12 weeks
    DBOL 40 mg/day weeks 1-4
    Nolva 10 mg/day

    PCT two weeks after last Test E injection.

    I was wondering if, with a cycle like this, it would be adviseable to include HCG? Or could I just use something like tribulus or Tongkat?

    Just want some suggestions and opinions so I have all my gear before I start.
    Thanks in advance.

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    if it was me i would use HCG and tribulus throughout , it increases my recovery and i dont feel i have to take as long off cycle

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    I dont think so, but couldent hurt you. Are you wanting to use HCG do to atrophy problems or just for recovery.?

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    Use the hCG thoughout the cycle and drop the other stuff you mentioned "tribulus or Tongkat." 300 IU twice/week or even every 4-5 days. Stop the hCG just a few days prior to starting PCT.

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    i dont run hcg unless im running npp deca or tren . test and eq is not that hard on you and the cycle is not that long. you could run trib with the cycle that should be enugh.

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