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    .breaking bonaduce

    i HAD to post this, i mean, i was watching breaking bonaduce, the show about danny bonaduce having therapy, and he was talking about he go's to three different gyms so they dont think he works out too much from his countless hours spent lifting weights, and he's starting "roids" to get bigger bcuz he cant bring himself to eat enough because of some self concious issues about being fat when he was a kid!
    so lets look at this
    he overtrains "dramatically"
    barely eats enough food to maintain his bodyweight according to him
    and wants to take steroids because he feels its the only way to get bigger for him!
    hmmmm, yeah, im definitely seeing an accident in the near future

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    There was already a thread on this subject in the steroid forum earlier tonight and I moved it to the LOUNGE which is the appropriate forum.

    Please see that thread for comments/input.


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