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    Acne and oily skin

    The acne is getting slightly worse, not bad. But the pimples i do get, hurt like a bitch. I take 2 showers a day and about every 4 hours i really notice the oily skin starting back.

    Any ideas on how to help with this, or do i just deal with it?

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    Try washing the affected area with washing up liquid,i think you guys call it dish soap?? This will get rid of the grease,then get a stick deoderant(with alcohol in it) and apply over the spots.Do this a couple of times per day and they should be gone in a week max.

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    That's good advice....I've been doing the deoderant thing and it really makes a difference. Another thing you could try is B5 (pantothenic acid). You have to take it in very high doses like 2-5 grams every day for a few days to saturate your body with it, and then drop the dose to maintainace levels like maybe 1 gram......

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