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    Exclamation T-Bol/Prop.....first cycle, what dosage?

    Can anybody tell me what dosage am i supposed to take and for how long w/ this cycle?
    I'm looking for lean mass and vascular gains, no bloating nor puffy look.
    Also, any suggestions for PCT? I thought about Nolvadex , Milk thistle or so. Good idea, anybody ahs a better one?
    Thanks in advance

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    how old are you, and have you cycled before?

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    If you have to use prop:

    1-6 tbol @ 50mgs ed w/ milk thistle and/or Liv52
    1-12 test prop @ 75mgs ed
    11 & 12 HCG @ 500ius ed
    PCT clomid + nolva

    I would recommend:

    1-6 tbol @ 50mgs ed w/ milk thistle and/or Liv52
    1-12 test enath @ 250mgs eod
    12 & 13 HCG @ 500ius ed (enath is a long ester, blood levels will stay high after last shot)
    PCT clomid + nolva

    Remember, test is test. Bloating is caused by a bad diet.
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    If your that concerned about bloat, take something to combat it. Arimidex , Liquidex or Letro will work well.

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