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    Marijuana and Gear

    Hey I have a question about smoking pot while cycling. Will smoking weed while on my cycle reduce gains? I heard that it hinders the natural production of test but didnt know if it was true.
    Thanks alot.SUPERFLEX!

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    musclestack is online now Productive Member
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    True, weed does lower natural test levels, but then again, your body isn't producing any natty test while on cycle anyway. But, IMO, instead of using your money to buy pot, maybe save up some money for your NEXT cycle...JMO

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    behind you..
    I am not sure, but a lot of people get the munchies and become lazy and gain fat from pot bro.

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    Recreational drug discussion NOT ALLOWED per the A.R. rules.

    Read them!

    Here's another example of a bonehead who didn't read the rules.



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