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    Highest dose without anti-estrogens?

    Let say you did just 200mg of test enanthate and 200mg of deca for 8 weeks. Would you need an anti estrogen? What if you just did the testosterone ? or deca?
    Im asking since some estrogen conversion is beneficial to anabolism. So how high could you go?

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    id say what you really need for that cycle is about 300mgs more test and 200mgs more deca and another 2 weeks.. you need to do a bit more research my friend, deca doesn't even really start giving you gains untill week 8. All you would need is 10mgs of nolva a day and you wouldn't have to start that untill like your 2nd or 3rd week in... and really u woudln't even need to do that.... 500mgs test and 400mgs deca is considered a bigginers to low dose cycle. Read around a bit more

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    at those doses and that length u wld b pretty much b wasting your time...

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    Raise the doses. Test should always be higher then deca levels as well.
    As far as anti-e's, there's no set amount you can take before needing them. That's just something that you'd have to find out for yourself, or you could just take 10mg nolva and some b-6 as a preventative measure.

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    whatever you can handle... i can handle 1000 prop a week and 40 mg dbol ED no gyno... 10 more mg of dbol and i start to get itchy...

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    Cycle is fine IMO.

    As for E, I start getting estrogen fat deposits at anything over 200 mg/wk of test. I'm very sensitive to estrogen.

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    IMO run an antiE anyway just so you don't get gyno in the first place. NO? like i said IMO

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