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    Just a question on Nolvadex

    I have always took novla with my pct.

    But I’m reading these forums a lot of guys take novla 10/20mg ed. I wonder if I should take some novla with my cycle Ed?

    Won’t that hinder your gains??

    Please give me some suggestions on these thanks!

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    If you haven't had a need for it so far then I'd leave it out. I started using nolva whenever I have a cycle with dbol in it because dbol really wants to give me gyno.

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    Yes,those are my legs
    Just because you're not gyno prone,or don't tend to hold water.Isn't excuse enough not to run 10 mgs Ed of Nolv in any cycle.Nolv/l-dex combo does help keep Cholesterol levels in check.So the "I don't see anything externally going on" isn't reason enough not to use it.Do you know what's going on internally?


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    wait.. where am I?..
    yeah dude. I keep nolva on hand just in case. But I have yet to add it to a cycle. I've heard some guys throw it in 'cause it helps with the water retention.

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    A few extra pounds at the cost of finding my cup size? I'll take the Nolva...

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