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    Western union help

    If i made a domestic order for over a grand would they ask for id never bin to wu not sure how i should do it.

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    no, they shouldn't. I send money WU internationally all the time, only a few times over 1000, and was never asked for id or why i was sending the money. But it could be a WU policy that the chick i go to doesn't follow, so if they ask just go to another WU, there everywhere. They shouldn't for Domestic though

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    According to my WU form from my last purchase they require ID on all transactions over $1000. On both ends sending and receiving. So if you are going domestic your supplier should have given you adequate instructions because he is almost assuredly using a fake name and will need a test question to pick it up. So if your order is over $1000 you should discuss the issue with your supplier, but the easy way is to split the $ into two transactions.

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