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    In the beginning

    I have been lifting for a little over two years, and have made significant gains.(roughly 35lbs. of muscle). I am 20yrs old, and Im starting to do research on AAS. What would be a good cycle for mass and size. I am not ready yet, but I want to do in depth research on the right stuff for my future plans.

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    you are right to do you research bro. But even at 20 I would consider yourself stil to young. I know you are probably sick of hearing how many people make fantastic gains on steroids but in my opinion in would be better to wait another 3 yr.

    Thats just my verdict, it would be good to see what the others think

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    When ever you feel the time is right, the best 1st cycle would be test only. Pref cyp or enanthate for 10 weeks. I would wait till at least 22 years of age. Good luck.

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