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    injection frequency per bodypart

    Out of all the places my favorite is the glutes. I have ED injections, but obviously can rotate between cheaks so only injecting in the same place EOD. Injections are 1cc. My question is how important is injection site rotation and how likely is scare tissue formation?

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    Scar tissue isn't the main concern for rotating injection sites.You need to let the oil disperse for at least 5 days before you inject there again,or you risk inflamation,or worse..abcess.


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    Not a good idea. With ed shots you need to start using a lot more injection sites...shoulder, bi's, tri's about 3 locations on your quads.

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    3,413 gives some very good guidlines for this,

    *When beginning, limit injections to 3 CC's at a time for glutes, 2 CC's for thighs and 1 - 1.5 CC's for all other spot injections

    *Rotate injection spots. This will keep your receptors fresh. So right glute, right delt, right leg, left leg, left delt left glute - this will give you ample time off in between. Make sure you dont hit an injection spot more than once per wk - you are using 6 sites so you should be fine
    Don't know that I agree with the bit about keeping receptors fresh, but nonetheless I consider it to be a good schedule guidline.

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    quads, pecs, delts and tris

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    for me bi's / calfs are rly hard to shoot, delts / thigh / tri / glute / pec, are generally easy for me

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