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Thread: dbol nausea....

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    dbol nausea....

    Gents, I just want to pass my recent experience with chewing up dbol on an empty stomch, and working out. I would not recommend it. Normally I chew up my dbols with a granola bar and some water, but yesterday I did not. I popped them and went to work bi's/tri's. This day is NOT the hardest by all means, though I still am scraping myself off the floor after the workout. Anyway, my last set of tri pulldowns, I began to dry heave uncontrollably. I continued on into my reps, while gagging aloud. A couple bros came over to me and ask if I was OK, and I said yes that I just had a stomach flew. I finished my set and thought it was the end of that. I bent down to grab my water bottle and I vomited a little liquid, but I kept it in my mouth fearing it had my precious dbols in it. I grabbed my water and chugged, washing down everything. I know this is sick, but I could have prevented it if I would have respected the lil dbols and fed them a granola bar......just my lil story I hope it might help.......dbols=have something on your stomach!!!

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    good story bro!! kinda sick though

    I'd do the same, you couldnt risk losing the dbol !! I'd do that for anything, I couldnt loose than calories with food either!!

    always take the dbol with food, if not for sickness problems to prevent gas atleast.

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    I never had a problem w/ taking the DBOL , no matter what time of day, or on a full/empty stomach. I must of been lucky!

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