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    Docfeelgood Busted

    Student in steroids case enters guilty plea
    Drug crime - The criminal justice major, 24, could be sentenced to five years in prison
    Tuesday, September 20, 2005

    A 24-year-old Portland man studying for an associate's degree in criminal justice pleaded guilty in federal court Monday to importing anabolic steroids from Thailand.

    Nathaniel J. Ashby admitted to conspiring to import the drugs, a crime that carries as many as five years in prison. Ashby's attorney, assistant federal defender Gerald Needham, said his client should be eligible for probation under federal sentencing guidelines.

    Ashby is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 2.

    In what authorities described as an "extensive drug distribution" operation, Ashby is accused of illegally importing between 250,000 and 500,000 tablets of Methandrostenolone . He traveled to Thailand to purchase the drug, according to court records.

    Needham said Ashby has no criminal history and is a full-time student.

    "It's just a shame that he got involved in this," Needham said. "He has done everything in his power to make amends."

    As part of the deal he struck with prosecutors, Ashby, who ran a Web site to arrange sales of the drug, agreed to cooperate with federal law enforcement officials.

    Ashby, known online as Docfeelgood, also handed over the balances of two Swiss bank accounts.

    The indictment names two other individuals, but status of the case against those men was unclear Monday. Their cases are being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney's Office in New Orleans, which shut down temporarily after Hurricane Katrina.

    The investigation into Ashby began in 2003, Assistant U.S. Attorney John Deits told U.S. District Judge Michael Mosman. A New Orleans-based customs and immigration agent, relying on an informant, learned that Ashby ran a Web site and was traveling to Thailand to buy the drug. The informant told agents that he helped Ashby import and distribute the packages once the tablets arrived in the United States.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbo2
    As part of the deal he struck with prosecutors, Ashby, who ran a Web site to arrange sales of the drug, agreed to cooperate with federal law enforcement officials.
    Oh dear. I feel sorry for all those ppl who purchased from his website. Looks like they'll be getting a knock on the door soon. Why can't they just leave these people alone. AAS don't do anywhere as much social and economic harm as cocaine or heroin. Concentrate on them!!!!!!

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    that def sucks. glad im not on that list...

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    That fvckin figures 1 of his own budds is a damn pussy ass nark and tips customs, what a piece of shit this dude is. Glad im not on the list too... The government need to pull there heads from others asses and focus on more important situations..

    Instead of chassing 500k d-bol tabs...What about the metric tons of cocaine, Ice, meth or whatever the shit is called that shit ruines more lives then any other drug on the planet...Im so sick of this shit. the government is the biggest hipocrites in the entire world, There out here allowing sales of perscription narcotics to tons and tons of people everyday but you dont see them fixing the problems that situation causes. They just want there % damn fvckers..

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    Everyone so quick to roll over on friends. Making me want to sit in my own basement with homemade fina and not talk to anyone.

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