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    Couple of what ifs about side effects...

    well not reallywhat ifs these are true for me so here goes...

    If you are already particularly hairy (I have a hairy chest, legs, and harms) does this mean youwill be prone to growing excess body hair as a side effect (from steroids that do tend to cause that)

    Same question for if you were prone to get acne as a teen ager (4-5 years ago I had bad acne around 15yrs old) are you more prone to get it from steroids?

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    It depends on the individual. I had bad acne when I was 15,16.. And I really don't get zits although I do tan alot and I also scrub my back w/ one of those big back brushes twice a day.
    Some people are just lucky...some aren't.
    It also has alot to do w/ what your taking. I personaly don't use D-bol cuz I hate the moon face. And I think alot of the zits you get on your back and shoulders come from the D.
    The only sides that I've seen from this last cycle that I just got off (cyp,eq,winny) was thinning hair :-(
    You'll never know exactly what's going to happen until you try.....


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    Lucky me I never got spots so now I only really get a few teensy yellow head things that go away pretty quick.....

    But I AM a bit hairy and after my last cycle which included Sust I found that the hair on my chest and back grew a bit longer! I also found that those annoying little hairs that sometimes grow on your bicep and on your delts were popping up more often!

    Annoying but all in all if my side effects stick to a bit of body hair and some spots here and there I will count myself lucky!

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    im with mbaraso on this one-- in as far as you just have to try it to see what you end up dealing with while on. i didnt have bad acne as a teen, but once my dosages of test hit the 750 mark or so, i start to see it pretty badly, especially on my back and shoulders. ive never had the excess hair problem though, but i am quite hairy throughout the chest and arm areas. good luck bro.............

    peace bb79

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