Just out of curiosity and i'm also sure some people out there just getting into this stuff wonder this too. Obviously the greater amount of cycles you do, the greater the chances are you are seriously hurting your body correct? But does doing 1,2,3,4 cycles overtime make it any more safe for your body compared to those who have done 7,8,9 etc overtime? So basically what im asking is for those who have done only 1-4 cycles over a period of time, have they already somewhat messed up their bodies, or are those number of cycles not really that harmful for you. CUz ive heard that doctors have even said if you do the cycle right and only do about 1 or 2 maybe even 3, you wont really even mess up your body or put any harmful effects on yourself down the road. May be wrong but just what I heard...input from you vets out there would help a lot im sure.