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    Exclamation Anavar questions

    hey fellas i have been lifting and getting my self back in shape from knee surgery, about 4 months in i have had solid gains as i imagine muscle memory, and have lost substantial fat. I play semi pro ball and have a few months till season. I am trying to cut, gain and keep for the season, i am trying to do this mildly so i am thinking of taking anavar but don't know if its good to take alone and have had mixed opinions on daily dosages, any help or sugestions would be apreciated.

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    the ideal is you will run test with it..

    Many bros including myself have run the var by itself..


    but there is a difference..

    run test prop 100mg ed 1-8
    50mg var 1-6

    that will give you a nice lean cycle.. with minimal sides

    you could run 500mg test e intsead of the prop..
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    what are the advantages or dis of taking alone?

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    i love var - just wish is was 1/2 the price

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    Quote Originally Posted by outlaw55
    what are the advantages or dis of taking alone?
    Running var on its own: you will not experience much sides, if any. I didnt experience any. Did not shut me down either, but i believe that was just me and my dose. (fairly low dose)

    Your gains won't be as good if there is no test base added.

    If i had the money for var i would definately run it with prop.

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