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    is sex drive an indicater that PCT is over?

    i haven't lost any gains and my sex drive never took a dive. i've been off for over 4 weeks and the only thing i've lost is a little strength. i'm still on GH @ 2.5iu ED and LR3 @ 60mcg ED. i just started taking clomid about 3 days ago and i continue taking i-dex @ .5mg and nolva @ 20mg ED.

    my cycle was test cyp @ 400mg, deca @ 200mg, and GH @ 5iu ED. this lasted for 10 weeks. the GH was started almost 3 months before the rest.

    did i come out of this without crashing?

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    Stop the ldex IMO and continue the clomid as sceduled. The GH and IGF may have helped you keep all those gains bro. I have researched into it before and was even thinking of using IGF with an oral only to see the results. I would continue PCT and see how you feel after a few more weeks. Then let your body normalize without supplements(wink wink) for a month or two.

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