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    winny depot problem

    i was planning on doing eq for 8-10 weeks and winny depot for 8-10 weeks but someone told me not to do the winny that long because it is toxic to the liver. i thought this was only possible in the oral form. also can yall give me some advice how to do my cycle. oh one more thing i am getting my eq from mexico and isnt there only one company that makes eq in mexico and dont they just make the 200 mg kind. thanks

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    dont run the winny that long, go for like 6 weeks at the most, and to answer your question about the liver, im pretty sure that everything goes through the liver, if you were gonna drink it that long im sure thats not good for it.

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    Like Crazy said only go 6 weeks 8 weeks Max on the Winny.
    Run the Eq for 10 weeks cuz it takes awhile to kick in.
    Winny is 17aa it has to pass thru your liver whether you drink it or shoot it...


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