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    Question Diet for second cycle

    I recently bought a my second cycle made up of nice500 T300 anti E and all that good stuff. But after only seeing limited gains from my first cycle from Organin 500 test and 300 deca a week. Went from 249
    @ 25%bf to 240 @19%bf and looked ok itchy nipples and all. So now after a year away from gear im guna give it another shot no pun lol. With Black label . Im giving myself 5 months of 7 day a week torture to try and get as hard as possible before hand . How does a guy figure out his intake needs for maximum results ? Im 6'2" 250 5 months of good hard work before i start. Anyone got any suggestions?

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    check out the diet forum bro. tons of good diet plans in there for all your dieting needs.

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