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    andy32 is offline New Member
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    Aug 2005

    Questions on ARR

    Anyone here ordered from ARR.....I was looking into getting some Clen from them because I do not have a big enough order to buy from my usual supplier

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    highnmighty is offline Associate Member
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    Sep 2005
    Just got my finesteride from ARR. Excellent & right on time!

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    andy32 is offline New Member
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    Aug 2005
    Cool....Just wondering because im kind of iffy on ordering from an UGL

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    AnabolicBoy1981 is offline Anabolic Member
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    Mar 2004
    its fine and its long as you are ysing the clen on your "lab rat" for "research urposes".

    This stuff is real. i have tried a few things. all work.
    i thought it was BS too at first, but just look i the ARR Q+A forum and see how many people are using and satisfied.
    its not just some supplement company sellin stuff with similar names to make it seem like its real stuff......cuz it is real stuff.
    This is the way the law works RIGHT NOW. Take advantage of it before the goverment spoils it...cuz i feel as others do, that its a matter of time before our precious source of anccillaries will be taken from us.
    In my opinion the clen is the best to start with, cuz when you try clen, you really FEEL th power. Then you will belive.

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