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Thread: Test/Deca 500mg

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    Red face Test/Deca 500mg

    I have 30ml of Test E and Deac. My question is can i run a 15wk cycle at 500mg each or does the test need to be higher than the deca . also I know your supposed to run the test a week longer, would this be a problem?

    wk 1-15 test E @ 500mg
    wk 1-15 Deca @ 500mg
    nolva 10mg ed
    clomid for pct.

    If you guys have a better way for me to run the 30ml of each please help. thanks

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    i wouldnt run youre deca as long as ure test, end ure deca at week 10 or 12 tops

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    I like test at least two weeks longer than deca . Here's my suggestion, to use up all 30ml of the test E in 14 weeks you could frontload the test the first week. You will still have some deca left over. With deca vit b-6 is recommended.

    1-1 test E @ 1000mg
    2-14 test E @ 500mg ew
    1-12 Deca @ 400mg ew
    1-16 nolva @ 10mg ed
    1-14 vit b6 @ 200mg ed

    17-20 clomid @ 100mg ed
    17-20 nolva @ 20mg ed

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    I would stop the deca at week 13. IMO the deca should be less than the test.

    500mg test
    400 mg deca

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    Canada me2,eh..
    Always have test higher than the deca dont want to meet up with the 'ol DD.

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