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Thread: Hydration Test.

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    Question Hydration Test.

    I was just wondering if hydration tests can pick up anabolic substances on them. We need a hydration test for wrestling, and my buds don't think they do, but I want to be sure. Thanks.

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    i used to take them in high school when i wrestled .... from what i remember ... it's a piss test ... then they use the litmus paper to analyze ur urine sample .... they just check to make sure you are hydrated

    i see on ur profile that ur just a kid .... probably still in high school .... ur not even 18 yet man .... u def dont need to be using AAS .... u got plenty of natural test running through ur body .... train naturally and eat like a beast for about 5-6 more years .... it's ridiculously easy to put on weight at ur age .... lay off the juice man ... stick around and do some research on this board ... ur body will thank you down the road if u start in ur mid-twenties .... rather than ur mid-late teens

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